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Have you ever wondered why some days of the month you want to run and hide under a blanket and not see a soul? But other days you are in your prime taking creative action steps to change the world? Our positive psychology tool will help you not only discover which of our four energy spaces you are in: Nurture, Whisper, Create or Shine but provide you with tools and resources to support you in each of those spaces.

World class featured experts each month that guide you through a series of video’s and workbooks that will help you rediscover who you are, release the fears and fully embrace the power that resides within

Access to a monthly live session with our Super Session experts. Your opportunity to connect and tap into the wisdom, knowledge and inspiration of these phenomenal women who are leading the way as legacy creators in their chosen fields.

Meditations, Workbooks, Videos, Podcasts and Audios in each of the four energy spaces to support you whatever day you are having.

We get it, its sometimes lonely trying to do it all alone, but in Ready to Rise you can create soulful connections and gain the support, inspiration and sisterhood that you need to fully step forward into the world as the true Woman of Contribution you are.

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Recently Featured Experts

Gosia Gorna
Gosia GornaGet Ready To Expand
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Gosia Gorna is an award winning transformational coach and author of the best-selling book “The Expansion Game”. Her life changing pioneering method has been developed over the last 20 years which helps people turn their greatest fears into their greatest successes, as they release fear of failure, not being good enough, and a need to hide, procrastinate and play small.
Tasha Chen
Tasha ChenThe Science of Getting Rich Academy
Read More
The Mindset of Money, Ready to Rise Super Session is a fantastic guide to mastering your financial freedom and attracting abundance into your life.
Laura Ceppelli
Laura CeppelliCreator of the Limitless You program
Read More
The Limitless You, Ready to Rise Super Session is a new approach to strengthen your body, inspire your mind and nurture your soul - for people who want a body and life they love.
Kezia Luckett
Kezia LuckettPositive Psychologist
Read More
Imagine living a life where everything and anything you dream about could become your reality. In this super session you will learn the power of harnessing the past, the present and the future in a series of exercises where you can not only learn how to think bigger than ever before in this powerful Ready to Rise Super Session.

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